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a hymn to the Great Mother Goddess

for all people at all times in all places


SHE. is a ritual performance that reveres the archetype of the divine feminine and its reflections in our lives. 

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The aim of SHE. is for performers and audience to walk in their own inner labyrinth in order to open their heart, to find Her. How do we reach Her, in our lives?

Opening our hearts is humanity's longing for union.

In SHE., we will sing, speak, cry, pray, laugh to express our yearning to become one with ourselves, with one another, with a partner, with God.

A team of actors, singers, musicians and healers will create a unique, atmospheric evening in the peaceful chapel of Mary Magdalene. The tapestry of the performance is woven with confessions, poetry, songs, mantras and hymns from different religions and languages.

Earth meets Heaven, East meets West, Minoan Crete meets Glastonbury. Traditional and contemporary rhythms merge to guide our walk in the labyrinth: a sacred, powerful symbol that depicts both the journey to our own centre and our way back into the world. She is there along the way, the mistress of the labyrinth, giving us the sacred thread. The performance is dedicated especially to Mary Magdalene.

The ancient town of Glastonbury, William Blake's Jerusalem, King's Arthur land, the isle of Avalon, the heart centre of the planet, with its rich history of myths and legends, sacred sites and mysteries, holy wells and emerald landscapes, has been chosen as the starting point for our performance. We intend to travel to ancient places of worship of the archetype of the divine feminine, in Greece and elsewhere in the world.

When & Where

Dates: Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August 2019

Location: St. Margaret’s & Mary Magdalene’s chapel, 46 Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ

Time: 7pm

Duration: 1h and 20m

Who is She

Humanity from the beginning of its history has created places of worship for Her. In every corner of the world, Her Presence is alive and timeless. In the city, in the village, in the sea, in the mountain, in the springs, in all seasons, in the temple, in the church, within the heart of all creation.

From the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Minoan Crete and the ancient Greeks to the Celts, the Vikings, the Middle Ages and Christianity, She has been known by many names. We've met Her as Ishtar, Isis, Great Mother Goddess, Ariadne, Metis, Athena, Artemis, Venus, Brigit, Theotokos or Virgin Mary. We've met Her as Mary Magdalene.

From the ancient times She represents nature, fertility, childbirth, motherhood, eros, sexuality, poetry, art, healing. She accompanies all the initiations and transitions until a man and a woman fully mature into their identities. She stands in our side the moments of inner and outer war, violence, sacrifice and eventually death. She is truth, acceptance and forgiveness. She offers the resurrection to her male consort. The sacred union within a man, within a woman, within a God, within a Goddess, within you, within me, within everyone.

She has been suppressed, misunderstood, distorted, diminished for too long. It is time for Her to come back and take Her place in this world. She is the vital hand for the restoration of peace and beauty on this earth. She is Love.

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