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​.. Despoina is, in truth, a dance partner

“During sessions, Despoina transforms into an energetic stream that stirs without pushing or pulling, into a warm star that transmits energy but also absorbs it. She is one hundred percent present, inspiring safety that allows you to let go of your reins without fear of falling, reading your needs, wants and limits with insight and acting accordingly, adjusting herself to you creatively. She has changed my understanding of the world and myself. Perhaps teacher, healer and instructor aren’t the right words: They imply one-sided activity, automatization and authority. Despoina is, in truth, a dance partner, gently steering you as you rediscover the steps of your own dance, until you are able to improvise.”

Eirini, student

 .. a true, tender and inspired healer

“This has been the most resourceful treatment for me, as it deals with a person as a whole: body, mind, spirit. From the very first session I experienced changes in my life. A healing session with Despoina helps you connect, focus, feel, understand, listen, deal with yourself; it supports you in identifying and abandoning defense mechanisms, engraved in your body cells for ages; it encourages you to live, not just survive. She is a true, tender and inspired healer, with an amazing lucidity, making you feel trust and safety, even when you reach the great depths of your wounds.”

Katerina, theatrologist - drama teacher

.. I escaped from blocked, imposed emotions

“I deeply respect Despoina as a healer and trust her dedication in this work. Her guidance was and still is essential for my evolution. All these years, she helped me recognize what I really want, with no interference nor judgment, but with empathy and love. I escaped from blocked, imposed emotions and started coming closer to my own center and personal freedom. I am grateful for meeting her and for the sharing of this special journey.”

Marina, actress

.. I managed to relax into motherhood

I had a difficult start to my pregnancy as my morning sickness was so bad I could hardly get out of bed. That was emotionally demoralising. I felt I needed help in a holistic way that would help me to welcome the change that both my body and soul where undergoing. Despoina helped me to connect with the little light that had started glowing inside me and all the power it carried. Through the therapy I managed to recognise some of my resistances and relax into motherhood. Thank you

Mirto,  ceramicist - art therapist

.. helped me confront my demons & surrender to the Divine

I met Despoina through a dear friend. I was very reluctant to participate in energy seminars with a group of people but her energy is so pure and honest that made me feel safe. Even in the darkest depth of the “journey” she surrounds you protectively with ease. She is strongly humble or humbly strong spiritual guide that has helped me truly seek my path, confront my demons & surrender to the Divine. In a world that words have lost their meaning, I honestly admit that my experience with her through the seminars and the sessions was life changing.


.. a deep understanding to accept and forgive myself

My healing journey with Despoina started a few years ago and is going deeper and deeper as time goes by. it's filled with joy and pain and so many difficult and dark emotions that she invites me to welcome as they arise. A deep understanding to accept and forgive myself, to find my real essence. This process gives me the space and the opportunity to go in places inside of me I have never consciously being before. Her intuition and her skill to see right through me with pure heart and love and without judging, guides me every time to the exact place I need to be. I trust her every step of the way and I feel blessed that our paths met.

Themis, photographer - doula

.. thank you for your trust and your courage to guide me with safety

Since I met Despoina in the  first group workshop, I have let myself in a free fall using her and her  tools as my parachute. After that first encounter I knew I had found my healer, my inspirer, my guide in deep and dark diving within emotions difficult to deal with. What’s more, I had found the secure shelter to express those in freedom and safety. Despoina is a great teacher in that part. I know that she is a guiding light to shine the way towards my personal development. Despoina thank you for your trust and your courage to guide me with safety.

Elina, doula

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